About Premium Patios Gold Coast

Welcome to Premium Patios Queensland. At Premium Patios we’re dedicated to giving you the very best of outdoor living, with a focus on outdoor patios, deck, carport, and verandas.

Founded by Aman Handa, Premium patios have long experience and expertise behind the brand. When Aman first started out, his passion for making every outdoor space unique and functional was evident from day one.

He has over 20+ years’ experience in the customer service and the building industry and has operated a construction business for over ten years. Aman has perfected the art of building homes and taking the hassle out of customer’s hands.

Over the years Aman has built strong relationships with local councils, builders, contractors to make end user’s life easier. With all the knowledge and experience Aman and his team at Premium Patios can offer you innovative and practical solutions for all your outdoor needs. From finer details on the job and structural warranty available on products, Aman has differentiated his services from the rest.

Aman prides himself on his customer service, punctuality, out of box thinking, and reliability on the project.

So, the next time you need that perfect home improvement, contact the experts at Premium Patios Gold Coast for a truly unparalleled approach to the highest-quality workmanship. To see some of our incredible work and understand why our customers love us, please visit our gallery.

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